A Leader in Automation Solutions and Transportation Systems

 S:Team  is proud to be a Automation Engineering Specialist with full Service Capabilities. We design and develop Software and System Controls for all new and already existing Manufacturing Processes with safe, state-of-the-art Technology that is simple and easy  to operate.

Our services include but are not limited to Panel Design, PLC Controls, PC Based Controls, Robotics and more. We will also write maintenance manuals and provide employee training.

When you work with  S:Team , you have our undivided attention. Our talented Engineers and Service Specialists work with your team in a seamless partnership to evaluate Workflow, Product Design, System Integration, Process Automation Level and Feasibility.

Our goal is to gain valuable insight into your technical requirements and your culture to determine the perfect solution for you. 
If it applies to you, be assured that 
 S:Team  is very experienced with and sensitive to automation integration within unionized facilities and we strictly adhere to occupational health and safety issues.

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