Time means Money - and we save you both!
 S:Team  has a proven track record streamlining Production by minimizing Processing Time and maximizing Cell Performance.
Our goal is to ensure the highest degree of Reliability and Uptime for your Production Assets.

The real Deal - We offer a complete Package!
 S:Team  designs and builds the required electrical and mechanical Hardware including the System Controls.
We write the Software, program all Robotic Equipment and fully commission the System to your satisfaction.
From Software and Automation to Hardware and Data Systems, we can help in all areas of your Manufacturing Process.

24/7 After-Sales Service - Your satisfaction guaranteed!
 S:Team  offers you a complete 24/7 After-Sales Service for our own Systems but as well for Systems built by our competition.
If you need to modify or retool an existing System or need immediate support Troubleshooting or simply need technical support for your Production team: We are there every step of the way!

Sophisticated but Simple to protect Quality!
 S:Team  believes in simple designs that control Manufacturing units with unique Components for Reliability and Maintainability while supporting all Quality Data Collection requirements.

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